Monday, March 28, 2011

Quiet Park

Well 90% of the Winter Texans are either back home or on their way!! Safe Travels everyone. See you all in the Fall. Now its time to begin all the outdoor work, mowing, weedeating, water line repairs, etc. Thank goodness I have help this summer!! But I do love to mow....No new news on Neil. Will have to call and see if they are up for coffee one night this week again. Enjoyed visiting with them and want to stay on top of his progress! Well back to work for now.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Nice Day

Well another beautiful day in South Texas....90 degrees and wonderful breeze. Sunshine is plentiful but we sure do need some rain. Trees are out in leaf again...even though they really are not bare very long down here. Lots of remaining Winter Texans are hitting the road in the morning so things are really getting quiet. My Summer JAMS begin Friday night. Looking forward to those again!! All for tonight

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Been to Long

Well sorry its been over a week since I got on this. Nothing to much has gone on except people leaving in droves for the North....why they are in a rush to get back to the cold damp weather I have no
Went to Neil & Carol's last night and had a nice long visit. Neil is making great progress physically. His mental issues will take longer I'm sure. He is having great difficulty reading or writing and spelling is out of the question for right now but it will come. I was shocked to hear he didn't know what to do with the computer or even the mouse. But it will come back in time. Carol said they will start his "brain homework" in a week or so. It was truely great to see him up and walking even though he is using a walker. He needs to gain alot of weight back but that too will come in time. Carol is trying her best to "fatten" him up. He said he is even eating things he would never dreamed he would touch years ago!!! His sense of humor is coming back slowly and that was great to see also.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Great News

Carol just called and Neil got HOME about an hour ago!! He was overwhelmed as the residents lined the roadway to welcome him. It will be a long road yet for both of them. daily trips to rehab, etc but he is making progress!!!

Friday, March 11, 2011


Well talked to Carol today and Neil did NOT get to come home yet. His blood work has not come back the way they wanted it yet. she is hoping for maybe tomarrow....I guess their park (Lemon Tree) is holding a benefit spaghetti dinner this coming tuesday so we will definately plan on attending. He was outside the hospital when I called holding MiMi (their dog). That always cheers him up.
Nothing else much new. Weather has been great lately. Alittle chilly int he mornings but that ends tonight. We will be back in the high 50's and low 60's at night and mid to upper 80's daytime.

Monday, March 7, 2011


Well hoping this week is alittle quieter than the past one. Our RV friends are beginning to leave for their Northern homes. Visited Neil yesterday and was shocked to learn that he wil be going home from the hospital this Thursday. What a great surprise. his progress is slow but improving. They will live in a friends park model till he can regain enough mobility to either  head to IN or move back into their 5th wheel. Not sure how long that will take but each day and a time!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Well its been a very busy few days. Have not had time to write a thing on this. To much happening right now I guess.Visited Neil on Sunday and he was doing great. Will visit him again this sunday after church. Our park minister is going to take them communion. Weather down here has been great. Very warm and sunny. We really need some rain bad but I'm sure it will come this summer. Probably more than we want. Trees are all green again with new growth. Grass is still very brown and ugly but it will get better as we get some rain. Other than that, nothing much new for now.

Friday, February 25, 2011

More good news

After a beautiful day here in South TX, got a call from Carol with great news....Neil walked with a walker to the hallway and back to bed today!!!! he used both arms and both legs and he asked to see their little dog. so Carol will try and arrange to bring the dog to the front door and take him down to see her....I am so thankful for all the great progress he is making. Keep them both in your prayers for continued progress!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Good News

Just talked to Carol and Neil has had to real good days!! He even walked to the bathroon today with the help of 3 men and he sat up somewhat and fed himself some mashed potatoes!!!! She asked that we keep the prayers coming and maybe, just maybe he will keep improving!!! Thank You GOD..

Summer has arrived early

Well looks like summer has arrived early this year. Its 94 degrees at 3:30pm Feb 24th....actually had to break down and turn the AC on....Swimming pool has been pretty busy today....and I've got a headache so just working from home and trying to stay out of the sun and heat till it gets better. Wanted to go see Neil but guess it will have to wait until tomorrow or this weekend. Just tried to call Carol but she is not answering. I sure do pray that doesn't mean more bad news. Will try to reach her again later today.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bumbed out day

Had kind of a quiet day...taught computer lab in the afternoon, then worked on transferring work files from one computer to the new one. Just felt bumbed out most of the day since the news of Neil. Things have to get better for him soon. Being this close and there is really nothing I can do to help Carol or Neil accept pray.
Today hopefully will be more productive. weather has been beautiful...mid to upper 80's everyday!!! Mid 60's at night...just perfect.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Rough Day

Well started the day by purchasing 2 new toilets for the Rec Hall. Two wonderful men installed them for me!! What a blessing to have such great residents here in the park. Called Carol and found out Neil is giving up....he is refusing to eat, take his medicine or allow therapy....this is not good news. So I'm very sad tonight and will pray hard for Carol and Neil both

Hot Day

Well after reaching close to 90 today, we had a great ice cream social.  Having a water problem in the restrooms of the Rec Hall so will go buy 2 new toilets today and the guys will install them and hopefully correct the leaks in the hall. Did not get to call Carol on Sunday but will try to make that a priority today!! May have to turn on the AC today as they are calling for 90 again today

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Hectic Day

Started the day very early. Opened up the Rec Hall at man already sitting there for the sale. Sold a lot of good stuff this year. Then came home to get some rest and got a call that the Park Ministers wife had just fallen and needed help. I got there, saw how badly she had hurt herself and called for the EMS. I went to the hospital with them and after about 3 1/2 hours I was able to bring them home. She will be fine but very sore.
No news on Neil today. Unfortuneatly I was to busy to get ahold of Carol. Will either go up and see them tomorrow or will at least call her and check on his progress.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Busy Friday

Had a wonderful time at the Ropa Syle show last night. I even modeled a special top I baught a at a later date!!!  Got up extra early and helped get set up for the Garage Sale tomorrow. At 3:00pm all the park residents were allowed to buy and boy did they!! I even baught a new foot stool and a couple tops. Gotta hit the hay due to another very early morning at the Sale. Outsiders will arrive by 6:30 and start lining up so have to keep the peace at the door!!
Talked briefly to Carol but she couldn't say much as they were in the middle of moving Neil to the Rehab wing of the Hospital and the nurse needed to talk to her. So will make another call tomorrow and give a report then.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cloudy but Warm

Had a busy day yesterday, didn't even get on the computer much. Tonight is our 1st Annual Ropa Style Show. Should be a great time with alot of laughs. Weather is cloudy today but heading for 86 degrees. Can't complain at all. This is the weather we've been waiting for!! No news on Neil yesterday. Today I will call Carol and see how he is doing and report later tonight. Poor guy will be spending his 73rd birthday in the hospital. He probably won't even know its his birthday on March 1st. Ok, gotta get busy with preparations for this Saturdays Yard Sale....should have a nice turnout.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Beautiful Day in the RGV

Well another beautiful day, alittle windy but sunny and warm. Bad news is I've caught Marshall's cold...oh goodie. Guess I'm in for about 10 days of stuffy head etc. Won't be going to see Neil until I know I'm not contagious!! Talked to Carol on the phone and she said he stayed awake alittle longer today but still sleeps alot. He did talk some and she said some of it made sense!! They are just waiting on Medicare to approve moving him to Rehab in the hospital. Dr has already ok'd it. Go figure..everything they are going through and now insurance wows!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines day

One beautiful day today!! I think it may have hit 80 but not sure. Sun was shinning all day and its to be in the 80's all week. Couldn't be much better. Had a great potluck dinner at the Hall tonight followed by a meeting. Eveyone is getting ready for our "Ropa" style show Thursday evening. should be lots of fun!! I sure hope I don't embarass myself as they have asked me to model a "bra" (over my t-shirt of course). One of the ladies is going to be a pregnant bride-to-be with the Preacher bringing them down the isle with a shotgun toteing father.... For Senior Citizens, they sure can have alot of fun and crazyiness.
Looking forward to another warm sunny day tomorrow.
P.S., no news on Neil today. I don't like to bother Carol everyday so I'm checking in every other day now. She will call me if anything drastic changes. I was not surprised to hear her tell me that they had just decided to give up full-timing and move into an Apartment back in Indiana.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Another Quiet Day

After church and a bite of lunch, I went to the hospital to see Neil. What a shock!! Poor guy has lost alot of weight and with his head shaved for surgery and all the stitches (a 8-10 inch incision) and bruises I did not recognise him. If it hadn't been for Carol being there in the room, I would have thought I was in the wrong room. Well he spent most of my visit sleeping but he did respond when Carol told him I was there and I held his hand. He is getting movement back in his leg which is great news. Nothing much with his arm yet. Carol said she made him some "thickened" coffee for breakfast but when he tasted it, he made faces and comments how awful it tasted. I guess he has to have pureed food and thicken drinks. Otherwise he could choke. At least he was responding and that was great to see. They are hoping to move him to the Rehab floor this week if all goes well.
Came home, did some laundry and spent most the day relaxing in preparation for the upcoming busy busy week.

Beautiful Day

Well finally warmer weather again!!  Got up yesterday and Gathered some friends and went to DonWes. Got the window screen covers for the Rec Hall and a few other things. Stopped at Taco Rico for a quick bite of lunch then came on home. Marshall put the front plate bracket on the car for our license plate. Not happy with it as it sticks out way to far...a car wash would probably rip it off. Will hope it holds until we go up to Michigan this summer and see if the Chevy dealer we baught the car from will put the correct one on for us FREE since we baught it there.
Today, its off to church in alittle bit then probably laundry. Will try and write more tonight

Friday, February 11, 2011

Fairly Quiet Day

Just a plain old work day stuff, teaching Sign Language class and had a sewer a crew in to fix that and all is well again. Didn't leave the park today until supper and that went smooth...went to Applebees for riblets (Marsh had a plate of sliders as usual). Cooling off again tonight but not as bad. Will drop to 41 but up to 69 tomorrow, 70's Sunday and 86 by Thursday. Now thats my kinda weather!!!
Heading to DonWes Flea Market in the morning to see if I can order snap on shades for the Pool hall window and the door in the Rec Hall. Other than that, it was a quiet day and I enjoyed it greatly after a hectic week. Looking forward to a quiet weekend too! Will try and stop by Mission Hospital tomorrow afternoon and see if they will let me see Neil. All for now

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cold again

Well its another COLD day down here in the "tropics" of South Texas...hum, but at least we have the 70's and 80's coming by next week unlike our Northern friends. We had a good turnout this morning for coffee and donuts in the Hall. Then ran some errands for the park....while I was out I stopped at two differant Chevy Dealers asking why my 2010 Chevy Malibu did NOT have a front plate bracket and how I could get one...well I really thought being a Grey Haired helpless looking lady that maybe just maybe they would be nice and offer to put one on....yeah right!!! Oh they offered but it would    cost me $45 plus installation. Well being this "Grey Haired helpless lady that I am, I told them "Thank you very much but I can get one for $5 at O'Reily's and install it myself." Of course on the way out the door (after yesterdays wonderful inspection day) I told them that I was disappointed in Chevy for not having given me one since the car was not cheap and in alot of states a front plate is required!!!! Another way to screw us out of our hard earned money!!
Oh well, tomorrow has to be a better day IF I leave the park....things  are wonderful when I stay put here in the park......

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Feb 9 - Hard Freeze back

Well got up to nice comfortable temps. Was able to go to the office in shirt sleeves. However by 10am the wind kicked up badly and the temps began to fall. By noon the wind chill was 31 degrees!!! Ok, I really thought we had moved to the "tropics"...hum  At least it will be back in the 70's by the weekend if all goes well.
Got licensed in TX again yesterday and today went to have the car inspected so we could plate it in TX...well after stopping at 2 differant inspection stations we were finally told that we had to go to a certain station for "out of State" vehicles...ok so we've now spent 1/2 hour driving around. We get to where we were sent and check in...we told them we needed an inspection and we also wanted our tired filled with Nitrogen....ok we are 3rd vehicle in line for "service". Aahh. fresh coffee and a warm place to sit and wait..not bad, we are happy to be getting this done!! Well almost 2 hours later we are informed that our NEW 2010 Chevy Malibu does NOT pass inspection!!! Ok, I'm what is the problem..??? Oh the wiper blades are not very good...hum. Ok so I tell them to replace them...well much to my surprise, my 2010 Chevy Malibu has WEIRD wiper blades and they don't carry them...ok now what am I to do...well after a few phone calls by the service man, I'm told he could have some delivered for around $53...again I'm in shock and getting pretty upset (who me?? No I don't get upset). I kinda gruffly tell the man this is NOT exceptable and he should find them cheaper and get it done!! Ok, more phone calls...he says he can have a pair (which are differant sizes on each side of the car) for $32...well I've had it, I'm tired of waiting, coffee is now gone and I want to get this day over with so I tell him to get them installed and finish the inspection so I can get to the bureau and get my plates!! I'm then told it will take another 15-20 minutes for the store to deliver them. Ok, Marshall has a bad soar throat and did not bring his medicine along. He is getting upset, I'm getting upset but what are we to do but wait finally after about 3 hours and $79.84 for in $14 inspection we are done and heading home to get Marshall some medicine. We eat a bite of lunch and head to the License bureau....Not to bad of a wait surprisingly. We only had to sit about an hour there but alas we have our TX plates and we head home. OH NO, TX required 2 plates, back and FRONT..oh yeah forgot, the 2010 Chevy Malibu does NOT have a front plate bracket.....ok, another trip out tomorrow to find a bracket so we can mount the front plate!!!  Oh the life of moving from state to state!! Its got to end.....

Monday, January 31, 2011

Cold on the way

After a beautiful weekin the 80's, a super cell cold front is heading our way. At least we won't have the snow and ice that the North is expecting. But we will dip down into the 20's which could be bad for our Citrus crops. But it will be short lived thank goodness. Had a great attendance in church yesterday. 51...a record so far. Heading out to do some weedeating today. With the small amount of rain that we got last week, weeds are finaly growing again!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Cloudy and cooler

Well after a nice Sunday we are now looking at cloudy and cooler days ahead for about a week. Not complaining because it is definately better than anywhere up North. Our temps this week will be in the 60's. Guess this helps us appreciate those 90's and 100's coming soon enough.!!
Great attendance in church yesterday. 41 people and a quartet providing us with great music. Looking forward to a Chili/soup and pie supper tonight in the Rec Hall. Wish you could all be here to join us.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Cold Morning

Well woke to another cold morning but the sun is shinning and its up to 52 degrees so should be a nice afternoon. Had a good turn out for the Breakfast this morning at the Rec Hall. Sausage Gravy and Bisquits...yum yum. Not much else happening today so will just take it easy and get ready for a busy week again.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Sunny but Cold

Well another cold spell has hit us. At least the sun is shinning!! tonight begins the doubles pool tournament. Should be alot of fun. Nothing much else happening today. Waiting around for our Septic Company to come check out a  tank that I think has a collapsed lid...oh boy. Hoepfully it will be a quick fix.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Beautiful Day

Well after a foggy start, the sun has come out and its going into the lower 80's today!! Had a wonderful time last night at Entertainment. 83 people attended which is fantastic for our little park. Today will be rather quiet (I hope). Computer lab this afternoon, then an evening of quiet at home (again I hope). If anything else exciting happens, I'll come back on and let you all know about it.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Temps on the rebound

Well finally the coats are back in the closet and its going back into the 80's. Thank goodness for small favors. Once the sun came out yesterday, everyone came out of hiding and had smiles again. Amazing how much good the Sun can do to everyones attitude!!!
This morning we are graced with FOG but hopefully the Sun will reappear this afternoon. Looking forward to some great entertainment tonight at the Rec Hall. Busy week ahead. More later folks

Friday, January 14, 2011

Drizzly Day

Well it was alittle warmer today but drizzly. We do need the moisture but would rather have a good rain than a cold drizzle. Guess we will take what we can get. Had a lot of fun in Sign Language class today. Went out to eat with a friend and now just relaxing watching TV. Oh yeah, got a load of laundry going. May have to replace the washer/dryer as it shakes the whole house!! Can't get it balanced. May replace it with a smaller stack unit. All for now.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Wow-come back SUN...we miss you

Wow, this weather is awful...wind chill is 32 right now....that is very cold for down here. Luckily it will bounce back into the low 60's tomorrow!! But it can't come fast enough. The crowds at coffe and donuts this morning stayed longer then usual...nobody wanted to venture out to return to their homes. Drizzle and wind chills at freezing!! But they eventually did return home and now the roads are quiet as everyone is remaining indoors for the duration, including me.Guess it will be a good day to put on a pot of Chili Soup for supper.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Jan 12 - Cold Front

Well a cold front has moved into our area. Dropped down into the 30's Monday night with drizzle and wind. Made it feel pretty miserable but I guess its alot better than anywhere up North. at least we don't have that  white stuff to deal with. One more day of cold temps and then we wil bounce back to the 70's and 80's.
Yesterday was a day for everyone to just stay inside and stay warm!! Today will be more of the same I think. Had a great meal at a friends last night...homemade Ham/cheese/Potato soup. Boy did that hit the spot on a cold night. Had to make a quick trip to Walmart after supper to pick up a DVD player we had home and found out our TV is so old, it doesn't have the ports to connect to....hum.... Guess Marshall has his work cut out for him trying to make it work. All for now. Everyone stay safe and warm.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Jan 9 evening

Well didn't do anything the rest of of the day but alittle cleaning and played on the computer. I feel like I wasted the whole day....oh well, maybe Monday will be more productive. Looking forward to Potluck Monday evening!! Always such good food and friendship.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday Jan 9 2011

Wow, we had a great turnout for Church today...40 in attendance. For our small park, that was wonderful. We heard a great message about "Soaring like an Eagle", letting God raise you above your troubles. Have patience to wait for Gods answer when you pray, don't expect it intantly!!

Last night it rained but not enough to do any good down here. Its a beautiful sunny day today heading for 78 degrees. Not sure what I want to do today....will play the day by ear and see what the day brings. Will post more tonight. Have a great day all!!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Jan 8 2011

Well woke up around 6am. Helped the gang at the club house cook breakfast for the park. I got to flip Pancakes...I enjoy these twice monthly fundraisers!! Had a great turnout today. About 53-60 people showed up. Then got together with friends and practiced our music for church service tomorrow. We don't have an organist this year so we have assembled a small group with a fiddle, and two guitars.
Weather is kinda cloudy today but 74 degrees. They are calling for heavy storms tonight. Not excited about the "storm" part but we sure do need the rain. We haven't had any measurable rainfall in Mission TX since late August!!! Think I'll grab a friend and head to the Mexican Flea Market down the road. Otherwise I just may fall alseep...all for now