Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Been to Long

Well sorry its been over a week since I got on this. Nothing to much has gone on except people leaving in droves for the North....why they are in a rush to get back to the cold damp weather I have no clue...lol
Went to Neil & Carol's last night and had a nice long visit. Neil is making great progress physically. His mental issues will take longer I'm sure. He is having great difficulty reading or writing and spelling is out of the question for right now but it will come. I was shocked to hear he didn't know what to do with the computer or even the mouse. But it will come back in time. Carol said they will start his "brain homework" in a week or so. It was truely great to see him up and walking even though he is using a walker. He needs to gain alot of weight back but that too will come in time. Carol is trying her best to "fatten" him up. He said he is even eating things he would never dreamed he would touch years ago!!! His sense of humor is coming back slowly and that was great to see also.

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