Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines day

One beautiful day today!! I think it may have hit 80 but not sure. Sun was shinning all day and its to be in the 80's all week. Couldn't be much better. Had a great potluck dinner at the Hall tonight followed by a meeting. Eveyone is getting ready for our "Ropa" style show Thursday evening. should be lots of fun!! I sure hope I don't embarass myself as they have asked me to model a "bra" (over my t-shirt of course). One of the ladies is going to be a pregnant bride-to-be with the Preacher bringing them down the isle with a shotgun toteing father.... For Senior Citizens, they sure can have alot of fun and crazyiness.
Looking forward to another warm sunny day tomorrow.
P.S., no news on Neil today. I don't like to bother Carol everyday so I'm checking in every other day now. She will call me if anything drastic changes. I was not surprised to hear her tell me that they had just decided to give up full-timing and move into an Apartment back in Indiana.

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