Saturday, January 8, 2011

Jan 8 2011

Well woke up around 6am. Helped the gang at the club house cook breakfast for the park. I got to flip Pancakes...I enjoy these twice monthly fundraisers!! Had a great turnout today. About 53-60 people showed up. Then got together with friends and practiced our music for church service tomorrow. We don't have an organist this year so we have assembled a small group with a fiddle, and two guitars.
Weather is kinda cloudy today but 74 degrees. They are calling for heavy storms tonight. Not excited about the "storm" part but we sure do need the rain. We haven't had any measurable rainfall in Mission TX since late August!!! Think I'll grab a friend and head to the Mexican Flea Market down the road. Otherwise I just may fall alseep...all for now

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